Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nothing Important Happened Today

That was the name of The X Files episode I watched last night. Wow, Lucy Lawless looked so young! I didn't even recognize her till the end.


Unfortunately, the title wasn't quite as ironic for me as it was for the X files. In fact, my day was pretty bad! Nothing overly horrible happened, but I had a few disappointments which just overshadowed my attempt at bringing up my mood.

The saddest news I received is that a yoga teacher I really enjoyed and hoped to study again with recently moved out of state. She was the very first yoga instructor I ever had, and I'd be hard pressed to find another teacher as awesome as her.

For those of you who do yoga a lot, you know that the teacher is a make it break it for many people. Carolyn, I feel, has a very open and ancient "soul" about her. In my first class, her balance of trying something new and heeding your body's own boundaries, caught my attention in profound way. It was spiritual in its simplicity.

Though I tried other yoga teachers at the same studio, and eventually moved to another city and found a good studio there, Carolyn gave me the best vibe out of all my teachers. I recently moved back to Pasadena, and was excited to return to my original studio where she was working. Unfortunately I checked the schedule online today, and didn't find her name. So I went looking online for the other studio I knew she worked at, no name there too.

Randomly, I thought "I wonder if she's on Facebook", and checked. Sure enough she was on! So, I sent her a quick message about who I was and asking if she'd moved away. Sure enough, she did! In fact,wait for the irony...She moved to my real home, Hawai'i! Oh man, just my luck I move away from home, and she moves there. BUMMER!!!

So now my kumu moved back to Hawai'i recently, leaving me hula-less here on the mainland, and my ideal yoga teacher moved there too! LAME!

On the bright side, I came home to a loving boyfriend who cooked me dinner:

Breadcrumb crusted Tilapia with spinach and sweet corn with Earth Balance. All picked up at Fresh&Easy! Yes, that is a Coke in the background, it was a hard day today.

And yes, that is a Playstation controller... :P Also known as the "PS3 Netflix controller". I'm sure today was nothing but some passing negative emotions, but it's nothing that some Fat Princess, South Park, and a hot bath can't cure.


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  1. Hi
    Nice blog. I loved the X Files...loved it!
    Sorry to hear about your day.
    I try to do yoga occasionally...I have a short attention span, so I'm not good at doing it a lot.
    Hope things look up for you.