Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's HOT!!!

Well, not that hot, but enough to remind me that it's not really fall yet here in Southern California. I work late on Thursdays (11am-8pm, bleh!) but that leaves the morning open for leisurely breakfast. I almost ran to the kitchen as soon as I woke because I knew breakfast was going to be... OIAJ!!!

Barney Butter is the KING of nut butters. Soooooo smooth, sooooo dreamy. The oats melted the BButter and it was absolute heaven in a jar. Coupled with a mugful of half-caf coffee w/ unsweetened vanilla almond milk and turbinado sugar. YUM!

In the oats mix:
- 3/4 cup rolled oats
- 2 tbsp chia seeds
- 3/4 cup almond milk (vanilla, unsweetened)
- 1/2 cup water

Enough for both Ev and I, though I didn't take a picture of his. We had a nice leisurely breakfast while I packed some lunch. Since I knew it was going to be hot, I wanted something light and refreshing.

Improvised spring rolls! I didn't have any rice noodles on hand, so my fillings include ribbons of carrot, cucumber, mixed greens, and lots of cilantro. I really wanted to try Averie's peanut sauce, but I was all nut butter'd out from the OIAJ so I just packed some asian sesame style salad dressing I had in the fridge.

I usually eat lunch in my car at the park by work. It's not glamorous, but it gets me out of the office and into the sunshine! I'm almost caught up on my favorite fantasy novel series, The Sword of Truth series, so I spent a nice afternoon with my rolls and Chainfire.

Glistening with sesame dressing! I also had an undeniable craving for starchy goodness and ketchup! Enter: Del Taco Macho Fries, smothered.

Now before you start screaming at me, just know that I ate a mere 1/4 of the fries before I realized that I didn't really want them! I can't think of a better ketchup delivery device though...

Just a few before my tummy and my head said "No!!!". Fried foods = tired. For dinner I had the last of my spring rolls (I saved a few from lunch to eat later) and now I'm just relaxing with Ev, watching the last season of the X Files. LOVE that show! One more episode about brain-eating bugs and then I'm off to bath and bed.

Don't forget: Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

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